Enjoy your Free Prosperity Gift

How to Manifest when you are going through Life changes and Stress.

Steps to get back into the FLOW of Life

Maribeth Morrissey

  1. Feel and Accept the feelings. Allow yourself to feel it to heal it. Cry, Acknowledge yourself.
  2. Let it Go. Let the emotions go and give to the Creator. Allow it to be carried away and trust that when one door closes, another is awaiting to be opened.
  3. Open up your imagination for new possibilities by setting an intention. Create and envision a new possibility
  4. Who are we not to be our highest Self and live in our Light! Surround yourself with love from the inside out. Take action steps with this new vision. Have gratitude for this or something better that’s on its way. Say thank you

Then ask yourself these questions about your thoughts:

  • Are they true?
  • Do I need to forgive myself or someone else?
  • Am I making this decision from love or fear?
  • Is it in the highest good for all involved?

Sending you all so much Infinite Love and Gratitude, Maribeth