As the developer of The LifeLine Technique, I’m deeply humbled and grateful to have Maribeth Morrissey as a Certified LifeLine Practitioner. Maribeth walks her talk, gives openly from her heart, and understands what it means to shine so that those around her realize their fullest potential.
Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Developer of The LifeLine Technique
Thanks Maribeth for an incredible LifeLine Ignite session yesterday. What a wonderful cathartic process. Crazy how all the dots get connected. Darren Weissman is a genius for empowering other healers like yourself with this special gift. Can’t thank you enough! I absolutely loved our time together and highly recommend you. Infinite Love and Gratitude! Xxoo
Peggy Rometo, Intuitive Healer, Hay House Author New York Times Best Selling Author
Maribeth came into my life in perfect timing! I was recovering from a major life shock and had taken precious time out to really nurture myself and my inner spirit. I reached a point when I felt I was ready to move forward with my goals and dreams, however, part of me was still holding on to the emotional fear associated with the trauma.

With Maribeth’s help I learned that I did not consciously choose these feelings and that I have the ability to shift into the feeling state that I want and this can support the life I want. Maribeth’s loving attention to my desired life and continuous belief in the possibility, in addition to the magic of the Lifeline technique, made this transformation possible.

Maribeth’s ability to work on emotional detoxification is truly amazing. I’ve seen results in the areas of being able to speak and share my message, tap into my inner power to overcome challenges, and create a more loving relationship with my body. In the past few months of working with Maribeth, I’ve taken massive action toward building my business, created a new coaching program for women, written an ebook, become a licensed minister and created a magical wedding ceremony for my best friend, and went on a month long cleanse and lost 10 pounds!

I am so grateful to Maribeth and the work she offers. She’s a living example of “infinite love and gratitude” and I highly recommend her as a transformational coach, a healer and a beacon of love, light and hope!

Aurora Farber, Feminine Leadership Coach, Jacksonville, Florida
In just one session, Maribeth compassionately and intuitively guided me from a dark space of helplessness and resistance to a place of love, acceptance, and empowerment. I now feel so renewed! I am truly in awe of how The LifeLine Technique shifts my energy and emotions so that I can more easily be in the flow of life!

Dina Weiss, Health and Transformational Coach Massage Therapist
Maribeth has taught me how to LOVE and accept myself. With her unique approach she takes you back to a place where you began to stop loving yourself, helps you heal from the suppressed trauma and guides you to love yourself once again so you can begin to share that love with others.
She will help you understand your emotions. When you begin looking at situations from a place of LOVE instead of fear, a whole new, joyful world will open up to you. Maribeth can get you to that place by getting you outside yourself physical self (EGO) and connecting you to your authentic self (SOUL) through her LIFELINE technique.
I have learned how to manage my thoughts and emotions which has helped me become an observer rather than a reactor to other people. So instead of being triggered by how other people behave, I now through LIFELINE can identify what triggered the emotion, accept it, feel it on a conscious level to release it and move forward.
Maribeth with her gentle, loving guidance can help you stop old destructive thought patterns and ignite the passion and love within you to live a more fulfilling life and I would highly recommend Maribeth’s services.

Ann Krusinski, Pharmacuetical Rep
My life’s purpose as a counselor has been to teach and emotionally heal others. To maximize this process, I’ve realized that my own emotional and physical health must perform at its best. LifeLine has proven that it does what it says it will do, get at the core issues that delay the healing process. Since receiving sessions, I have walked away feeling less anger and physical pain in my body. My emotional state is much less easily triggered. I feel more peaceful. Daily, I experience more laughter and spontaneity. I am learning to let go of controlling outcomes. By doing this, I can get out of my own way. It is allows me more peaceful moments in my day and a sense of emotional freedom. Maribeth and the LifeLine process have lovingly assisted me with my own healing journey. For this I am truly grateful!!!
Nancy O’Mallie, Counselor LISW
I started seeing Maribeth for Lifeline sessions in August 2009. At that time, I was facing significant challenges in my business and family life. I employ 80 people in my company and the economic downturn posed significant challenges. In addition, I needed to establish proper boundaries with two of my siblings and my mother. All of this was causing me great distress.

From where I was to now, the LifeLine sessions have helped me immensely. I find it is a map and tool to clear the imbalances in my life, enabling me to become aware of and dismantle blockages and old established patterns. As I have done this work and concentrated on making changes to my health, I have achieved greater clarity. The result is that I am happier, more empowered, and more physically fit.

I see and live life more vibrantly, and even notice nature. Today, I am in the flow, much more positive and trusting life, and enjoying myself as well as achieving great business success. Maribeth is a focused and talented LifeLine practitioner, and the results speak for themselves.

John Powers, CEO
I am so grateful for a gift certificate from a friend and mentor to experience the LifeLine Technique with Maribeth. After just a few sessions with LifeLine I feel two things simultaneously: peaceful and filled with joie de vivre.
Amy Bennett, Teacher
LifeLine has helped me remember the wonderful feeling of joy and finally feeling good about myself… Friends who have known me are commenting on my smiles. They have not seen me smile much before working with Maribeth. It is such a joy to feel that I am truly a good person and that I deserve to be happy. Thank you!!!
Susan K., Cleveland, OH
Since Maribeth began working with me, I have felt happier and more confident and have found it easier to make decisions and pursue activities that I enjoy. I’ve gained a more expansive, joyful outlook on life. This is all the more impressive to me since my sessions with Maribeth have been conducted by phone rather than in person. I look forward to continuing to benefit from the Lifeline Technique.
Carrie, Cincinnati, OH
Maribeth’s friendliness, guidance, and professional re-assuring manner are just part of the beautifully wrapped encouraging gift you’ll get with her sessions. I was blown away by her knowledge and expertise in performing the LifeLine Technique. At my very first appointment, she helped me move on and forgive a hurtful memory with my former boyfriend that I had been carrying for many years. If you want to get more out of your life, Maribeth is the real deal; I highly recommend her services.
Julienne, Cleveland, OH
As a young adult who recently moved back in with my parents, I often found myself feeling very stuck and not sure of where I was going with my life. I felt stuck in a job that I had no passion for and I didn’t know what to do in regards to continuing my education. I had constant worries that I would not be able to afford going back to school and worse yet, that I wouldn’t be happy. I feared I would be living with my parents for years to come.

Since finding the LifeLine Technique, I feel like my life is finally going in the right direction. I am no longer at a job that wasn’t right for me, I am saving up to move out and I am planning on going back to school next fall. It has taught me to live in the here and now, and that letting go of fear from the past and replacing it with love in the now has assisted me in achieving my greatest desires.

After just five sessions with Maribeth, I have learned to be more adaptable to all that comes my way, because no matter what, I am being given great gifts in the form of learning experiences from my past and present challenges. I am much more calm and trusting. LLT has really taught me how to connect with my spirit, and it honestly feels like one big homecoming. I had all these tools inside of me, and Maribeth has taught me how to use them in order to be the person I am meant to be. I am forever grateful.

Ashley Callow, age 24
After sessions with Maribeth, I felt lighter and more relieved about my life,” McEvoy said. “It has helped me to simply observe situations and not feel the need to ‘fix’ everything.

I’m more able to live in the moment. It changed my perspective on life and made it easier for me to accept and handle challenges in a positive and more productive way.

I feel balance in my emotions, my approach to everyday life and in dealing with challenges. I have been able to see life differently by focusing on my intention of optimal health and moving forward in life.
Mary Satari, Massage Therapist